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  1. Thenie says:


  2. me. says:

    This is picture number 2112.

  3. funwes says:

    There are several less startling pictures on the internet.

    There are several more startling pictures on the internet.

    The former are ones you can find on this particular website.

    The latter are ones you can find on a website affiliated with this one, known as Rage Captions.

  4. Miso Funny says:

    It says fist.

  5. iRule says:

    Nah, not really

  6. Miso Funny says:

    Yes, yes it does (say fist instead of first).

  7. Not Dead Yet says:

    But what if you expect to see things like this?

  8. The Grim Reaper says:

    Hey! I did not approve of use of my image on this site! And what is with the lighting anyway? I look creepy!

  9. Hammer Crime says:

    My fist sees all.

  10. Snyarhedir says:

    This picture is badass.

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