Submitted by your female genitalia.

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  1. funwes says:

    -Not necessarily a male
    -May have some sort of anti-cactus weaponry that is fighting the pain
    -Possibly has resist 10/cactus
    -Could be so electromagnetically charged that it it drawing all the water inside the cactus to the outside, where it turns to ice and holds its feet away from the pricks of the cactus
    -Lol, “pricks”
    -The cactus may not be actually spikey, but instead, have several little insects that merely look like spikes that hold up animals that eat from said cactus
    -The animal may be so badass that it feels no pain
    -They may not even be called ‘feet’; instead, they are more like paws in my view

    In summation, OP is


  2. Captio says:

    funwes…. You just made my day <~<

  3. Anonymous says:

    AHHH. squirrels eating cactus apples.

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