Submitted by Wolf Patronus.

8 Responses to “3359”

  1. Dialga says:

    It’s also slightly terrifying and looking at it makes me uncomfortable.

  2. funwes says:

    nah man this is totally legit

  3. Charizard says:

    Ha! From the far-off game of pokemon gen VI, Kittibee!

  4. Charizard says:

    It evolves at level 40 into Catawasp.

  5. llama says:

    woh, just as i submited a tomato that was very purle and i captioned in as “this tomato was photo shopped” , and then i go to the home page and his one is here. it was not here before

  6. llama says:

    um… it is only 6:42 pm right now.

  7. Max Ride says:

    I think it’s real. I’ve seen crazier.

  8. SuperGophersUnite says:

    It is totally real. And eternal.

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