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  1. Pepito says:

    @Whispy OH MY GOD THAT’S TOTALLY AWESOME! :D I WANT TO SEE RASPUTIN! And sure, I’ll play Would You Rather… As for the eulogy *clears throat*. The lesser-known sister/brother site of Unrelated Captions, Obvious Captions attracted far less traffic, leaving its owner to forget about it quite often.

  2. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    okay, who wants to start?

  3. Whispy says:

    Would you rather chew a year old piece of chewed gum, or lick an ashtray?

  4. Pepito says:

    Well, it depends. If it’s an unused ashtray, then I’d rather lick the ashtray.

  5. Whispy says:

    It’s used.

  6. animal_crackers says:

    Is it my gum and ashtray?

  7. Pepito says:

    Hmm.. Well then, I’d clean it haha

  8. Whispy says:

    This is a fail would you rather.
    You can’t clean it. You have to chew it/lick it as is.

  9. animal_crackers says:

    Okay, well either way, i think i’d choose the ashtray. you can always drink something to get the taste out of your mouth but year old saliva is unfixable.

  10. Pepito says:

    Yeah, I guess so… ALSO I got Just Dance 2 for Christmas and there’s a song on it called “Rasputin”!

  11. Whispy says:

    Well, I’d argue that cancer is very hard to be undone too, but whatever.

    For all you Beatles fans I know come here:

    Would you rather spend a day watching ALL The Beatles giving you a private concert, or spend a day with ONLY your favorite Beatle teaching you to play their instrument?

  12. Max Ride says:

    Well, ’twas a nice website. While it lasted.

  13. animal_crackers says:

    I didnt even think of cancer… whoops. and i’d choose all of the beatles. it wouldnt be the same with just one.

  14. Pepito says:

    Cancer didn’t cross my mind, either. Oops. And erm… I’m not a big fan of the Beatles, so I guess it’d be my favorite teaching the instrument so I can play, too!

  15. Whispy says:

    Someone else should have a turn asking a question. :)

  16. Pepito says:

    Ok! Would you rather have a ketchup – dispensing belly button, or a pencil-sharpening nostril?

  17. animal_crackers says:

    Pencil-sharpening nostril. it’s more practical.

  18. Me says:

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  19. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    hey guys, i’m back! wassup?

  20. Cheez-It says:

    But he can be made into a sandwich with the right equipment and two slices of bread.

  21. Ninjakitty13 says:

    of course he isn’t a sandwich. he is a horse.

  22. lolkid5462t487326 says:

    this is not a sanwhich…..NOT YET

  23. Snyarhedir says:

    What the hell?

  24. Snyarhedir says:

    You dare to mock a horse? You dare to mock “Spirit”?

  25. Snyarhedir says:

    You should have said, “You can’t take him; he’s free.”

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