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  1. Whispy says:

    Why, yes, they do.

    And a ‘ONCE’ popular rock band…? The Beatles are still the best band out there. OBVIOUSLEH.

  2. The Smart One says:

    ringo looks absolutely adorbs in this picture

  3. funwes says:

    You’re not much of a “smart one” if you’re using “adorbs” >_>

  4. John Lemons says:

    Yeah.. I agree with Whispy. The Beatles are still very much popular. In fact, I am wearing a Beatles shirt today! :D

  5. Whispy says:

    @ John Lemons

    -high fives-

  6. John Lemons says:

    Yeah, there are still very many Beatles fans in the world today. Why else would there be Beatles tribute bands and Beatlemania? :)

  7. Macca says:

    Made my fucking day.
    You rock, oh random person who has made this website better by 22,222.
    And, yes, the Beatles will forever be the most favorite band in the world!!!
    hehe…John’s face on my shirt looks funny X3

  8. A once popular rock band says:

    Actually I was referring to the Monkees. and your welcome Macca. I’m so glad they put this up! X3

  9. Hipster says:

    Beatles are too poppy. Super fans in the grade below me have ruined them for me. *sigh* I miss the days where I thought the Beatles were cool.

  10. Not Rick says:

    Not by me.

  11. paul is dead says:

    THEY DO.
    I agree with Whispy… still an amazing band.

  12. lady danvers carew says:

    John is so cute in this picture. They all are, but especially John.

  13. herp derp says:


  14. A once popular rock band says:

    I don’t think that my previous comment was actually posted by me. I am the OP and that other commenter is not…however this post is old…so it doesn’t really matter.

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