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  1. Whispy says:

    This boat is not going to last for very long.

  2. KooKooKaChoo says:

    I’ll never let go..?

  3. Name says:

    This picture was feeling left out, so I will comment here. Stupid hole getting all the attention.

  4. GOOGOOG'JOOB says:

    Hey, KooKooKaChoo,
    You fail. It’s GooGooG’Joob.
    just saying.

  5. Whispy says:

    GOOGOOG’JOOB is right.

  6. Alli says:

    They got their swim trunks on, and their flipppy floppys :)

  7. Penny Lane says:

    I am the walrus. :)

  8. onehelluvabutler says:

    soon they’re going to die. and sink. and never be found again. poor boat. :)

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