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  1. Name says:

    WHOAH What is this, now?

  2. a cellist says:

    what? a. new. picture!!!!!!!
    it’s been so long this actually took me by surprise…..
    wooo :D

  3. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    maybe i was stupid
    for telling you goodbye
    maybe i was wrong for
    trying to pick a fight
    i know that ive got issues
    but youre pretty messed up too
    either way ive found out
    im nothing without you
    cuz we belong together now, yeah
    foever united here somehow, yeah
    you are a peice of me
    and honestly
    my life
    would suck
    without you
    just being with you
    is so dysfunctional
    i really shouldnt miss you
    but i cant let you go…..

  4. Pepito says:


  5. Katniss says:

    Omigosh. An update.

  6. Invader GIR says:

    I thought “double choc chip” meant that the cookie is chocolate, and it has one form of chocolate chip. Not double the amounts of chocolate chips.

  7. COOKIES says:

    It looks like double the amount of chocolate chips.
    It also appears as though the cookie itself is chocolate.
    Thus making it a double chocolate chocolate-chip cookie?
    Or a chocolate double chocolate-chip cookie?
    Or maybe a double chocolate-chip chocolate cookie?

  8. Invader GIR says:

    Actually, the number of chocolate chips look to be quite standard. “Double chocolate chip” implies 2 kinds of chocolate. That is why chocolate cookies with 2 kinds of chocolate chips are called “triple chocolate chip cookies”.

  9. Whispy says:

    OH MY GOD.

  10. Cookie Monster says:

    COOKIE!!!!! *OM NOM NOM!*

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