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  1. Whispy says:

    We do have good taste in comedy.

  2. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    ugh ive been such a mes latley. my mom took my ipod away cuz i was lisening to it too much and without it i cant even think properly. my entre system has CRASHED AND BURNED KLJHFDGLKNVSFGJKLDCNAEGKRUOBV;NIPAE

  3. Katniss says:

    Omigosh! Hey, remember when I lost my iPod? That was bad. I totally empathize.

  4. Pepito says:

    I’m sorry, queen_of_songlyrics :( . I feel for you. The same thing happened to me once, but I still had my old iPod that still worked.

  5. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    I GOT IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    okay, so some tunes to lighten the mood:
    early morning, she wakes up with a knock knock knock on the door……
    you guys can continue it, im really supposed to be writing my English paper right now….

  6. Japan says:

    Kawaii neko…

  7. Snyarhedir says:

    It’s a pretty cat.

  8. Don Peeler says:

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