Submitted by a muggle(sadly).

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  1. animal_crackers says:


  2. Katniss says:

    Come on, animal_crackers. If you’re first, it’s almost a rule that you must say, FIRST!!!1!!1!

  3. a cellist says:

    yayayay!! i nearyl didn’t check today – i was losing hope!! but yayayay!!!

  4. Pepito says:


  5. queen_of_songlyrics says:


  6. Your name (optional) says:

    ZOMG my life is now complete.

  7. animal_crackers says:

    Whoops. please accept my sincerest apology.
    *clears throat*


  8. Katniss says:

    Thank you. My sincerest thanks, animal_crackers.

  9. animal_crackers says:

    Anytime Katniss. Anytime.

  10. RyleaMcCartney says:

    :D this made my day.

  11. Rumbleroar says:

    You know, without the caption, I would have been almost positive it was John Lennon. Thanks for clearing that up:D

  12. a muggle (sadly) says:

    I’m obsessed with beatles……but corn does slightly look like John Lennon…. ;)

  13. a muggle (sadly) says:

    Crap I meant “The Beatles”. Please forgive my failure…

  14. Penny Lane says:

    I love The Beatles! I love corn! Therefore i love this picture. :)

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