Submitted by a muggle (sadly).

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  1. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    true. these are still my favorites, though.

  2. Invader GIR says:

    Indigo isn’t actually in the rainbow, though. There are only really six colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet.

  3. Draco Potter (It could happen) says:

    My life just imploded.

  4. Draco Puppet says:

    but if you buy the Wild Berry or Tropical ones there is a blue, so therefore you are wrong.

  5. a muggle (sadly) says:

    Well, I learned in class that the rainbow (no matter how ridiculous it is) is ROY G BIV. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Take it as you will.

  6. joealsgfa;lsjkfa;lksjfajdf; says:

    yeah, you wouldn’t want to taste the rainbow, they’re too spicy

  7. that's what she says:

    whatever happened to lucky charms???

  8. onehelluvabutler says:

    @that’s what she says
    I just had luck charms the other day. :)

  9. Snyarhedir says:


  10. Snyarhedir says:

    Come to think of it, indigo and violet may be a false distinction. Is indigo just the transition from blue to purple? Also, can one color really have two separate shades in the visible spectrum? (And if violet and indigo are two separate colors, why is there so little difference between them?)

  11. Snyarhedir says:

    Yeah, I think Invader GIR is right. If Christmas can have been moved from the [northern hemisphere's] spring months to the [northern hemisphere's] winter just to coincide with the pagan winter solstice holiday and have never been corrected, it is very possible that my life has been a lie in other, smaller ways as well.

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