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  1. Lincoln says:

    It’s been over 5 months. We’re nearing the half-anniversary of new submissions dying!

  2. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    thanks for welcoming me back!!!!

  3. Not Team Edward, Not Team Jacob: Team GIBBS! (Severus Snape) says:

    I think I’ll join in somewhere in here. WoW, you guys seem all aquainted with each other and all. Hmmmm…..I like Harry Potter.Meh?

  4. Pepito says:

    No problem, queen_of_songlyrics! How are you? And welcome,Team GIBBS! Haha this site has “died” so many times that we all sort of know each other.

  5. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    yeah, were one, big, happy family, except i get pissed and leave whenever it dies.
    whatevs. you guys are down with it, right? and my sucky grammar?

  6. Pepito says:

    Right haha.. And that’s fine. I see far worse grammar on a daily basis.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Are we not commenting anymore?

  8. Pepito says:

    I still am, but I’m not going to respond to my own comment.

  9. animal_crackers says:

    Oh my sweet dumbledore…

  10. Katniss says:

    Hello! I’m back! But I’ll probably disappear again, since we’re getting near November and November is for NaNoWriMo.

  11. animal_crackers says:


  12. Pepito says:

    Oh, NaNoWriMo. I can’t write well for the life of me (I’m more of a math/science person), but I have friends that are doing it! But November’s going to be busy for me, too. Well, more like the few days leading up to November 1…

  13. Pepito says:

    Oh… And animal_crackers, NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month

  14. Katniss says:

    It’s a lot of fun. It’s like a pledge to write a 50,000 word story in a month, and there’s encouragement and pep talks and the like, and thousands of people do it with you. It’s so much fun.

    What’s happening this week, Pepito? I know my week is busy—I’m writing plot outlines for my novel.

  15. animal_crackers says:

    wow. I’ve never heard of that . . I’m not so good at writing.

  16. Pepito says:

    Ahh have fun :) I’m actually frantically finishing college applications..

  17. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    Awww, Pep! i hope you’ll still have time for us!

  18. Pepito says:

    Awww I definitely will!!! :D Even though I’m expecting crazy classes (especially math… I’m not sure what comes after the class I’m taking now), I’ll have time for everyone here!

  19. Pepito says:

    Happy Halloween, guys!

  20. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    i just had to ruin the 169 comments…

  21. Pepito says:

    Nah, that’s fine. I was getting lonely now that my main applications are in and all…

  22. animal_crackers says:

    Guys! Who blogs? I’m bored.

  23. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    hey, if any of you has a Stardoll account, my username is Misscece1502. look me up!
    and on Girlsense, its Potterprincess15.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Want to play the song lyrics game again?

  25. Pepito says:

    I don’t blog and I don’t have an account on either of those websites :( Although on Pottermore, I’m ThestralSparks31. And sure! I’d start, but I feel that my knowledge of lyrics isn’t deep enough.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ok I’ll start- I can’t believe the news today. I can’t close my eyes and make it go away

  27. Pepito says:

    Ooh! I actually know this one! It’s “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”!!! How about this: When we were young the future was so bright, the old neighborhood was so alive. And every kid on the whole damn street was gonna make it big and not be beat

  28. animal_crackers says:

    I dont know either of those. D:

  29. Pepito says:

    :( If it’s any hint to you at all, I mainly listen to rock from the ’80s to today… Aside from that, I like world music, but obviously, this song is in English haha

  30. that-h03 says:

    i submitted a picture..

  31. animal_crackers says:

    I looked it up. now I feel dumb.

  32. Pepito says:

    Aww, don’t feel dumb, animal_crackers! I’ve missed a ton of songs!! And I, too, submitted a picture. It’s been almost seven months now… New record?

  33. animal_crackers says:

    oh good. *undumb*

  34. Pepito says:

    So… More lyrics?

  35. animal_crackers says:

    So now i’m prayin for the end of time! To hurry up and arrive! Cuz if I gotta spend another minute with you, I dont think I could really survive.

  36. Pepito says:

    D: Now I feel like the dumb one

  37. Anonymous says:

    Paradise by the dashboard light by Meatloaf. Here’s another: You think I’m an ignorant savage and you’ve been so many places I guess it must be so. But still I cannot see if the savage one is me

  38. animal_crackers says:

    Pocahontas! Colors of the wind!

  39. animal_crackers says:

    alsoo, pepito, not dumb.

  40. Pepito says:

    Thanks :) I don’t listen to Meatloaf haha.. Ok, here’s one:
    Too late, my time has come
    Sends shivers down my spine
    Body’s aching all the time

  41. animal_crackers says:

    “And the waitress is practicing politics, as the businessmen Slowly get stoned. yeah, they’re sharing a drink they call lonliness, but it’s better than drinking alone.”

  42. animal_crackers says:

    Oh, uhm. Whoops. Sorry. I dont know that song..

  43. Pepito says:

    Um.. Here’s a hint? It’s a fairly classic song… I recently sang along to it, actually. And your song’s lyrics ring a bell, but I just can’t place where it’s from.. Gah!!!

  44. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    @Pepito, November 26

  45. Pepito says:

    Yeah!!! :D Surprisingly, I was one of the few people that knew all the lyrics

  46. animal_crackers says:

    I’ve only heard it a few times. D:

  47. Mikki and Mac says:

    We knew well Mac did at least, how bout this
    Your a spineless pale pathatic lot and you haven’t got a clue

  48. Pepito says:

    I’LL MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU!!!! Mulan is awesome!!

  49. Pepito says:

    Alright, this may be a sort of stretch, but it’s worth a shot. “Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there with open arms and open eyes, yeah. Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there, I’ll be there.”

  50. animal_crackers says:

    Oh, I recognize it…..

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