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  1. Pepito says:

    Should I say what song it is?

  2. queen_of_songlyrics says:


  3. Pepito says:

    Haha alright… It’s “Drive” by Incubus :)

  4. Darthkitty13/Ninjakitty13/epicfur says:

    The world will end in a year from today.

  5. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    cool story, bro.

    back to the songs:

    Does it hurt to know I’ll never be there
    Bet it sucks, to see my face everywhere
    It was you, who chose to end it like you did
    I was the last to know
    You knew exactly what you would do
    And don’t say, you simply lost your way
    They may believe you but I never will

  6. Pepito says:

    Well, it’s a little late in my time zone, but merry Christmas to you guys that celebrate it!!!

  7. animal_crackers says:

    Merry Very late Christmas to you too Pepito!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Queen of songlyrics: Never again by Kelly Clarkson
    Here’s another: but she let me wear my chain and my turtleneck sweater

  9. Katniss says:

    …I actually forgot this website existed for a while there. *facepalm* But I know that song! “I just had sex”
    And if you’re on Pottermore (I am, too— GoldYew51), do you know any wrock?
    “We’ve got to save the school from that unseen horror!”

  10. Pepito says:

    Yes!!! I’m ThestralSparks31! I’ll add you!! And I’m a Ministry of Magic fan, myself :) Speaking of wrock, has anyone else signed up for Hogwarts’ email list yet? They just sent out an email about how they’re going to have wrock radio!

  11. Katniss says:

    Wait, what? What Hogwarts?

  12. Pepito says:

    Well, my last comment is awaiting moderation and I don’t know how long that’ll take, so I’ll just sort of repost it. It’s called myHogwarts! Google it!!

  13. Katniss says:

    So that’s really cool, but the only new thing about it is the radio station. The online Hogwarts has been done, and I don’t know why they’re acting as if it’s new. I was on (am on, really, though I don’t go to class) Hogwarts Online, which was a lot of fun until I forgot about it. Hol.co.uk

  14. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    someone get out the paddles. Now.

  15. Pepito says:

    Hey, it’s worth a shot. And… Here are the paddles!

  16. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    thank you.

  17. Pepito says:

    D: Should we try again!?

  18. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    try again.

  19. Pepito says:

    Did it work?

  20. gamble says:

    Try again

  21. Pepito says:

    Guys… WHAT IS THIS?!?! It’s been almost a year now!! On an unrelated note, is anyone else here a nerdfighter?

  22. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    weve lost all our regulars! just you and me out of the original gang, Pep!!!!!

  23. Ninjakitty14 says:

    I’m still here- i just changed my name.

  24. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    who did you used to be?

  25. animal_crackers says:

    Guys…. I forgot about you. D:

  26. Pepito says:

    So… Has anyone seen the Hunger Games?

  27. animal_crackers says:

    not me… i havent even read it. I’m prepared for shock and disgust.

  28. Pepito says:

    It’s totally okay, animal_crackers! I actually just finished the first book and haven’t seen the movie yet.

  29. animal_crackers says:

    lol, good. it was assigned in my english class in eighth grade, but i was in the wrong group. I’ve wanted to read it ever since. I dont wanna see the movie before i read the books though.

  30. Pepito says:

    I’ve now read the first two books. They’re good, but don’t think they’re really obsession-worthy. Then again, this is coming from a girl that’s been making Peeta jokes for the last few days.

  31. animal_crackers says:

    Hahh. Peenis.

  32. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    1. ive read all 3.
    2. i dont want their couple name to be peenis. to pervy. how about mallardeen? mallark+everdeen?

  33. Pepito says:

    As of a day or two ago, I have also read all three.. Yay :D As for the couple name… KATPEE

  34. animal_crackers says:

    as of today, I have read…. oh, still none. anyway, Pepito, I think Katpee is GENIUS.

  35. Pepito says:

    I’d definitely recommend it if you find the time. And thank you :] Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for it

  36. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    does anyone like the Gallagher Academy series by Ali Carter?

  37. Pepito says:

    I’ve never read it.. What’s it about?

  38. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    a group of girls who go to a school that trains them to be spies. it’s really good.

    #1. i’d tell you i love you, but then i’d have to kill you
    #2. cross my heart and hope to spy
    #3. don’t judge a girl by her cover
    #4. only the good spy young
    #5. out of sight, out of time
    #6. TBD

  39. Pepito says:

    Oh, those! My sister loves them!

  40. animal_crackers says:

    Guys! I’m finally reading the hunger games!

  41. animal_crackers says:

    And now i’m finished. So sad. :’(

  42. Pepito says:

    How’d you like them?!

  43. animal_crackers says:

    So good, but so sad. I cried. D:

  44. Pepito says:

    I did, too! Ugh, I just remembered I hadn’t checked this site in a while and it looks like I didn’t miss much :-/ Seriously, what is going on?

  45. animal_crackers says:

    Whoa. I forgot about this site…

  46. animal_crackers says:

    Sooooo, has anyone read the mortal instruments series? I’m about rto start book four.

  47. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    whoa. how long has it been now? this is crazed.

  48. Animal_crackers says:

    Totes cray cray . *twitch*

  49. Duggs26 says:

    there is nobody here :c

  50. queen_of_songlyrics says:

    She wants to go home, but nobody’s home.
    It’s where she lies, broken inside.
    With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes.
    Broken inside.

    i’m sorry it’s so depressing, but it was all i could think of for this situation…

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