Submitted by Anarky.

6 Responses to “660”

  1. Thenie says:

    Although it it cool.

  2. Moneh says:

    They put it in all caps…

  3. The Amazing Shea says:

    It does, however, look really cool.

  4. Danielle Snape says:

    Awesome, Anarky. Just awesome (:

  5. Shop Buster says:

    From what I understand, this is not photoshopped. The photographer mounted the lighter upside-down close to the camera, and poured water so it looked like it was coming out of the lighter.

  6. Anarky says:

    Seems my photoshopped picture did get through :D
    It’s also my background if anyone cares :/

    @Shop Buster: At least it has been “photoshopped” when I added the caption ;-)

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